Dash Walls – mobile office walls at work

Modular construction system with sustainability for gut decisions that protect the earth’s future.

Rescheduling a job in the home office, operating magnification or Loftausbau? Usually it is not easy to come to equal the right decision. Wishes and needs are constantly changing in the course of our lives. The earth’s resources are already scarce. Tags are often associated with dust, dirt and noise and tug at the nerves. You stop getting ahead.

DashWalls – the modular wall system is easy to set up and offer the full range of benefits. Living and working requirements are at the forefront, the individual job requirements are virtually unlimited. Space reduction, space extension – depending on requirements and local conditions everything is possible. Everything is possible in the DIY no extra cost. DashWalls – modular wall systems are recyclable and produce no waste. They combine modern interior design with environmentally conscious design. DashWalls are environmentally friendly and eco-friendly. A modular construction system for the perfect solution for environmentally friendly construction. A decision to build with flexible character.

The future of our planet and resources remain protected. DashWalls bring sustainable building decisions and are expandable, changeable. Just as it requires the running of the working and living everyday life.