Our pe-la-modul-system is the intelligent pellet storage solution for all those customers, download have not specifically available for pellet storage room and
looking for a flexible solution.

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pe-la-modul-systemin functional utility rooms, basements, attics or even enclosed under roof outdoors takes our system application. The ideal set-up room is the boiler room or at a conversion to pellets heating vacant oil tank room. The modular structural and expandable pellets storage system made of galvanized steel sheet, in each room detached without floor and wall mounting are constructed himself. Due to the high quality, galvanized steel sheet occurs in our pellet storage when used properly to no wear.

A pellets annual need 3-14 tonnes, may take our pellet storage with its modular construction manner. It consists of modules each in width and in length and can be planned at different levels. These modules enable optimum adaptation to existing spatial conditions and therefore the best possible use of space, which in turn leads to the optimization of the required storage volume of pellets.

Our pe-la-modul-system has for many years successfully in use and compatible with all commonly available on the market staging systems. Pellet boiler manufacturers, heating engineers and installers of our satisfied partners and customers.

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