Die Pellets-Lagerung nach Baukastensystem – einfach wie in Form und Montage

Bulk goods warehouse from Petri Stahl adapts to existing rooms. In times of scarcity of resources, it is important to rely on consistent and proven materials. The galvanized sheet steel system from Petri Stahl ensures low labor costs and protects environmental resources. A stable storage system as a cheap alternative to wood. The installation should be clean and easy! Petri Stahl’s bulk material storage allows easy handling. Existing conveyors of the production companies are preserved, the structure is clean and easy. The transitions are compatible with all commercially available components. Depending on the given dimensions and spatial conditions, the modular system results in the optimum filling volume. Sufficient for the assembly are the own tools and the field-tested assembly instructions. Four hands can do the setup in an instant. The storage system is free and therefore bears itself. The environment remains undisturbed and almost untouched. The optimum slope allows residue-free sliding of the pellets. Laying – setting – screws, piece by piece to facilitate the Heizalltages. The integrated screw system additionally allows easy handling during assembly.  

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